Justin Langer on Australia’s future in cricket

After suffering multiple defeats (and a few equally embarrassing ones), a cheating scandal that rocked everyone in cricket and its power base tactics that all but disappeared, it looked like Australian cricket was doomed. ‘failure. . Miraculously, former slugger Justin Langer reverses his fate with his simple leadership strategy: “He treats your players with honesty and respect, and they’ll reciprocate.” Source Link

Cricketers often have busy careers that somehow change their overall character. Some who have been fair and have shown good sportsmanship may catch cheating in the next game. Such is the fate of the cricketer. Then he and players like Justin Langer spring into action when they hear the words “I can’t do this”. Although a few days ago, he endured a cheating scandal that embarrassed the whole country, he took on the challenge of winning back the trust and hearts of sports and video game fans.

Langer has always been a determined man. The first bowl he faced nearly finished him off, both literally and figuratively. However, he stood up with a smile after that: “Take a hit and defend yourself.” This is the kind of leadership the Australian cricket team needs. As the practice leader of a rock-solid Australian team, it’s just one of the dilemmas and problems. For example, Glenn Maxwell played excellently last October and then retired the next day to take care of his mental health. If he is another coach, he criticizes him as a player, but not Langer.

“It is often the best artists and the brightest talents who wear masks as armour against reality. I see it a lot with athletes and personalities, and I understand it because I’ve done it,” he said. “I had noticed the mask was slipping with Maxy for 12-18 months. He loves playing cricket so much that he can’t stop. But maybe doesn’t stop getting exhausted, mentally and physically. you?” He said, “Not so good. Maybe we should talk. And behind his mask is revealed a human being with a serious problem.

He was almost the head coach of Australia for two years, but describes the job as “Being a father, an uncle, a brother, a manager, a police officer, a therapist… My job is ‘Caring for people'”. If my boys are happy off the field, they serve it too. In the end, my bosses will judge me on wins and losses. Still, for me, the real challenge is getting results by managing the human side that no one sees.” If for some they run after their star players (or not, it doesn’t matter which player) want to stop playing, Langer says let him go.” I say, let it go… Let go of those other thoughts about you. Just mind your own business. Don’t do it just because it’s not good to have difficult conversations with your friends.

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