The Best Blogging Platform For Photographers


If you are ready to grow your photography business, creating a website and blog is essential.

There are many options, but choosing the best photographer blogging platform makes all the difference when it comes to engaging your audience as soon as they land on your website.

Some photographers scratch their heads at this suggestion.

You might contradict: “But people are here because of my photos, not because of a lot of words. My gallery should be enough.

Sure, a gallery is great, but the reason your audience will stop and notice is that your photo tells a story.

As a photographer, you capture a moment that evokes emotions in those who see it. Nostalgia. To hope. Every photo you take preserves a piece of history.

Why not go further and provide insights into your work to connect with your followers in more meaningful ways?

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some popular blogging platforms and show you what we think are the best blogging software for photographers.

Why You Should Start a Photography Blog

Fortunately, the digital world has made it possible to share your work everywhere.

With the advent of online communities like Flickr, photo websites, and social media, you can learn so much more and become a fan base.

If you are waiting for your commercial photography rights, your areas have not only received these rights. When you create a website and blog differently, it can grow.

Blogging can belong and lose anyone who works well, as it can make your work change people. And especially the north allows you to manage to amateurs in customer orientation.

Whether you are looking for new clients, looking for practical or online courses to find others, or do your job for a great job managing your website, your website has a detailed and sales portfolio, which helps search engines dig deeper. in his work

Many have had the best of luck with Instagram in recent years, but have taken theirs and their own lightly or shut down entirely. This means that you will no longer be able to see your audience.

Your blog will be a constant access, it was with social networks and community contracts that differ from rights. This thought alone means to give rest.

Which blog platform should you choose for a photoblog?

Let’s do it: if you take your interest in photography seriously and want to invest time in the long term to share your passion on the web, we recommend that you create your own blog.

The first decision has been made! That requires a different one: which platform should I choose? WordPress leads the way, 25% of the world’s websites are running on the platform for good reason – it has the best functionality. It’s easy to get started on the official website depending on whether you have your own hosting or domain name (then go to or want to host directly on (easier for beginners).

Let’s also mention Wix, which came out to create websites (personal or professional) with many models related to photography in all its forms. You can check them out here, preview them, and choose the one that best highlights your work.

How To Start A Photography Blog On WordPress

If you are wondering how to start a blog and adapt your attitude, don’t stress.

To get started, you need a domain (site name), a website host (your website host “hosts” your site settings so they can be used on your website), and a WordPress theme (the actual settings of the website and the creator ).

Tools are available in WordPress themes to give you drag and drop functionality that you can find on Wix and Squarespace.

This means it’s easy to get your website up and running and have the opportunity to scale it up so that more is heard.

How to publicize your photoblog

Social media

As mentioned briefly above, social media, including those devoted to photography, can’t be the only showcase for your portfolio. They can be a great addition to getting attention and redirecting fans to your blog. Post your photos regularly on Instagram (for the sake of popularity), Flickr (photos are often well-referenced by Google), or Pinterest (especially if your target is a woman). In fact, it all depends on your goal. Which network do you like to use? Where do the photographers you admire publish their work?


do you want your blog to be indexed in Google, and especially your photos in Google Images? Many, like WordPress or Wix, are already optimized for SEO in the main search engines in principle.

SEO takes time to be effective. But when it finally starts, it will be long-term! (Photo: Negative space, Pexels)

Which is the best photo blog?

Differentiate yourself! You’re not exactly the first photo blog on the web. If you are thinking of breaking through with another blog about beautiful sunsets or photos of beautiful flowers, you are wrong. There are several ways to make your photoblog stand out:

To tell a story. Aside from its undeniable aesthetic component, your photos likely have a story to tell. Share it! Important blog text and the photo format of your subject shouldn’t stop you from explaining the story behind every shot. Internet users love it.

Share your trip. To begin with, you don’t have to be the best photographer in the world. When you share your progress, difficulties, doubts, and what you are proud of with your visitors, you will develop a truly personal relationship with them, they will look at your recordings with another eye and stay true to them for a long time.

Choose an angle. For example, a category on sunsets has little interest, on the other hand, a section on sunsets in Brittany (or its region, as you understood) with the changing sky of the seasons will attract lovers of that region. You can have as many photo categories as you want as long as they are linked. A photoblog that ranges from culinary photography to seaside shots is on the wrong track.

Final Thoughts

Blogging is a smart move for photographers.

It will grow your business, reach new customers, and allow you to maintain a stable online platform for your business that you are in control of.

And of course, it helps you to present your work in such a way that it really is a pair of glasses.

Adding storytelling to your photography will engage your audience in deeper and more memorable ways.

By choosing the right blogging platform and structuring your galleries and stories in an organized and digestible format, you can connect with them faster and turn them into avid fans and customers.

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