Top 10 Google Reviews Plugin for WordPress Website

Google reviews provide previous customer opinions on the product and business, helping businesses increase sales. Since WordPress is the foundation of many business websites, in this blog, we will talk about the ten best Google Review plugins for your WordPress website available on the market.

  1. Social media aggregator

Tagembed is currently the best social media aggregation tool that aggregates, curates and moderates all social media content and presents it in a unified presentation on your website.

Tag embed offers you the Google Rating Plugin to display reviews of your company and to gain the trust of customers in your company and product. It’s highly compatible with WordPress websites and hassle-free.

You can even customize your widget in different styles and add beauty to your website. It allows you to keep an eye on and filter out all irrelevant and unwanted reviews and display reviews about your business.

  1. Everest review on Google Places

Everest Google Places Review is one of the best WordPress plugins to post business reviews or your position on Google. It is highly compatible with any device and gives you a different layout to present on your website.

It has other features like hiding user profile pictures, setting word restrictions, and user rating of your product. It is mainly used by companies dealing with hotels, restaurants, motels, hotels, etc.

  1. WordPress reviews and ratings on Google

WordPress Reviews and Google Ratings is another excellent plugin that allows you to display up to 5 Google Place reviews on your website. It offers you the automatic retrieval feature, which collects new reviews and replaces old reviews.

This plugin also allows users to post reviews about your business and provide a brief description of your business to each new customer. With these reviews, you can convince your potential customers and turn them into loyal customers. It comes with a compatibility mode with each device.

  1. WP Google Review Slider

WP Google Review Slider has over 10,000 installs and is used by many companies on their website. It gives you the customization option where you can choose the plugin color, font, and background. You can view reviews on your website as a list, slider, or grid.

The plugin also has a premium version where you can explore and unlock additional features. The premium version allows you to view different languages, different social media counters, and different locations.

  1. Woo-Commerce customer reviews on Google

A customer review can influence a prospect’s purchase decision. It is also convenient as it saves more than advertising. One such plugin for viewing your business review is the Woo Commerce Customer Reviews plugin on Google.

It is compatible with all major web browsers. The plugin also offers other additional features in its premium plan.

  1. Reviews and Ratings – Google Business

The Reviews and Rating plugin is another WordPress plugin that allows you to display Google reviews on your WordPress website. Collects data with Google PlaceID and shows reviews about your company.

With the plugin, you can also customize the look of the plugin. You can choose different templates, texts, fonts, and layouts to make your website more attractive and lively.

  1. Google Places Review Pro

Customers show deep trust in Google reviews. Google Places Review is one such plugin that offers Google reviews for your business on your website. A potential customer can quickly peruse your company reviews and read all the testimonials about your product without leaving the window.

These reviews can boost your sales and convince your customers to buy your product. Google Places Review Pro comes in two plans; Basic plan and extended plan. You can choose from these plans based on your needs and requirements.

  1. Google customer rating for Woo Commerce

The following plugin is one of the most popular plugins that is fully compatible with Woocommernce and works perfectly with online stores. With this plugin, you can set up your own area for reviews on your website.

Reviews can help customers a lot to get an idea of the product and their experience with it. Reviews can help you build trust between you and the company. Google Customer Reviews is even compatible with many other languages.

  1. Google Places Review

Another name on the list is the 7,000+ installer plugin, Google Place Review, which offers a wide variety of features for your website.

Businesses mainly use this plugin with Google locations such as restaurants, hotels, guest rooms, etc. The plugin allows users to post their own reviews and testimonials about the company and even get customer opinions.

  1. Premium add-ons for Elementor

Premium add-ons for Elementor allow you to customize your website and make it more engaging without any prior programming knowledge or experience. The plugin is compatible with Elementor, WPML, and WordPress Multisite.

The plugin has over 200,000 installations and is one of the most popular Google Review plugins for WordPress.

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Customer satisfaction should be the company’s motto, and with customer ratings, a company can take note of customer feedback and work on it if necessary. Reviews also help companies convince potential customers to buy the product.

Try these plugins on your website and improve your sales by providing social proof of your business to your customers.

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