How to Engage an Online Event Audience

As virtual events are on the rise, engaging attendees with them becomes vital. Engaging your attendees with the event plays a crucial role in ensuring success. However, it plays a major role in making or breaking your virtual events. If your attendees are likely to be engaged with your event, most likely your event will be successful.

Enhancing audience engagement will help you take your virtual events to precipitous heights. Additionally, hosting an engaging virtual event is a must as chances of getting distracted are relatively high with online events. Attendees attend virtual events right from their home locations remotely without visiting the event venue. The slightest ring on the doorbell during a long session can distract them. Thus, resulting in losing them amid events.

If stats are to be believed there is a large percentage of attendees who end up doing other things while watching the online event. But, you can prevent it from happening by making your online events engaging. It helps in keeping your attendees engaged with the event throughout thus resulting in event success.

Many event organisers struggle to figure out ways to engage online event audiences. But, it is not as difficult as it seems. You need to be a little creative and innovative while strategizing engagement activities for your attendees. Offer them interactive and engaging activities during the virtual event platform that keep them hooked throughout the event. In this blog, we have covered some of the most effective ways to engage your online event audience. What are you waiting for, scroll through the most exciting engagement techniques to ensure a successful event!

Ways to engage your audience with virtual events

There are many ways to engage an online event audience and ensure a successful event. We have compiled a list of engagement activities that helps in boosting engagements at your virtual events. You can pick the one that best suits your event requirements. So, without wasting any further time, just go through it!

1. Organise pre-event and live polls

One of the effective ways to engage attendees and gain their valuable opinions. Organisers can opt to engage attendees with the help of live polling during and even before the event. You can opt to organise pre-event polls. In that, you can ask attendees to vote for the topics they would like to be discussed during the event. The topics that received the maximum number of votes should be discussed during the event. It will help in engaging attendees with the event as they are the ones who voted for it.
Secondly, you can organise a live poll during the event on any topic or thing you would like to take your attendee’s opinion. It will help in gaining attendees’ opinions and engaging them effortlessly with the event.

2. Plan a contest or quiz for your virtual event

Organise a contest or quiz relevant to your event topic during the event. Offer a chance to attendees to participate in it and win prizes. It is one for sure way to boost engagements during the event. Motivate your attendees to participate in the contest or quiz organised during the event. It not only helps in keeping them engaged with the event for long hours but helps them in gaining knowledge about the product or service for which you have organised and event.

3. Hire entertainers for your online event

Hiring entertainers like sketch artists who depict live illustrations, music performers, etc. helps in boosting excitement in the event. Thus making attendees feel relaxed and entertained. Who would like to miss such an event that is a whole package? Would you?

4. Incorporate exciting AR/VR virtual games during the event

Gamifying the entire virtual event experience helps in boosting excitement and keeping your attendees entertained and engaged. You can opt to incorporate games such as crossword, trivia, tic-tac-toe, and cricket, spin the wheel, dart game, shooting game, and more. It not only helps in making the event vibe lively but results in increased engagements too.

5. Set up a virtual photo booth in a virtual event

Photo booths always work in engaging attendees. Everyone loves to get clicked and what’s a better place than an event to get clicked. Offer attendees a chance to get clicked with innovative and creative branded frames at the event. The pictures clicked with AR/VR photo booths can instantly be shared on social media profiles. It not only helps in boosting engagements at the event but also helps in enhancing event reach. As pics shared on social media can be accessed by other active users. Thus, resulting in motivating them to be a part of the event next time if they find it interesting and exciting.

6. Organise a leaderboard challenge

Another effective way to engage online attendees with the virtual event is by organising a leaderboard challenge. You can set up a leaderboard challenge in your event to engage your online audience. It will motivate them to navigate every aspect of the virtual Hybrid event platform and do certain things in order to earn points. Offer rewards to the participants who scored highest on the leaderboard. You can offer rewards by enabling attendees to redeem points in the form of gift cards, vouchers, or discount coupons. Leaderboard challenges will definitely engage the online event audience effortlessly.

7. Offer giveaways during your virtual events

Giveaways are the most exciting way to boost participation and attendance at any event. Offer branded giveaways to your virtual participants to make them feel valued and boost excitement during the event. It will help in keeping attendees engaged with the event. Apart from it, offering branded giveaways to online attendees helps in promoting the brand effortlessly.

8. Allow attendees to interact during the virtual event

Communication is a must to engage attendees during the event. Some people attend an event only to connect and network with other like-minded people to build business relationships and foster meaningful connections. Offer enormous opportunities for attendees to have communications during the event in real-time. Leverage a platform that offers a range of exciting networking features such as live audio/video chats, B2B meeting scheduler, AI-matchmaking, virtual networking tables, business card exchange, and more.

Final Word

Engaging online event attendees is a significant aspect to ensure a successful event. If you are juggling with the ways to engage your online audience, then this article is for you. We have listed some of the best ways to engage an online event audience with your event in the article mentioned above.

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