Fast and Easy Steps to Convert PDF With PDFBear  

Users may want to and might need to rotate PDFs to any angle they prefer. The process may be challenging for some, but it is doable. There is a convenient and accessible tool online that can rotate files in no time. PDFBear can turn your files with just a few clicks and save you a lot of time. This site is a great tool that does not only help with rotating your PDF and provides various utilities that might aid you in efficiently managing and modifying your files.

Eliminate that time–consuming process you have been using for the longest time. Read and be guided through the process of rotating your PDF document.

PDFBear: Rotate PDF Tool

Users are not required to buy any of PDFBear’s services. Access to the site is easy and free. Rotate PDF with this user-friendly tool, and you might find this site as a main tool for your documents needs. Follow these steps to rotate your files.

Step One: Select or upload your PDF document.

When it comes to rotating PDF, this tool is the perfect one for the job. Rotate PDF at a readable angle with ease using PDFBear. Furthermore, this site is specially designed and created based on the needs/demands of users for managing their files online. With this in consideration, you will have the confidence to choose PDFBear for all your conversion and modification processes.

Step Two: Rotate PDF

Next, wait for the file to be uploaded. This process will take only a few minutes, and you will find options at the top of the page. These are circular arrows in which you can rotate the PDF files. You will be given options regarding the angles you prefer for your document. The server will offer you rotation in 90, 180, or 270 degrees. If you have already decided on an angle, click the “Apply” button. Within seconds, the tool will rotate the PDF.

Step Three: Download or Share Your Rotated PDFs

Once the system is done with the rotate PDF process, you can now download or share your files. You can freely download them on your device or share them using Dropbox or your Google Drive account. This process of sharing and downloading will only take seconds to finish.

Why Should You Choose PDFBear Over Other Online Tools?

1. User-friendly Tool and High-Quality Output

PDFBear provides high-quality rotating solutions for your documents. The details within and appearance of files are preserved. Moreover, it features an easy to use layout. The site intends to provide fast and convenient processes for managing your files. Therefore, all displays are simple and easy to use.

2. Safety and Confidentiality are Top Priorities

Security and confidentiality are among the top areas of concern for users. It is not a surprise, given the benefits and easy access that digital platforms provide. Typically, everyone will feel more comfortable utilizing online tools and sites that offer a high level of security.

PDFBear effectively provides users with the highest level of security and confidentiality for their files or data. How is it possible? The standard service of the website is maintained by 256-bit SSL encryption. How does this encryption work? Such encryption is adequate to protect information from any third-party organizations. It means that the servers delete or remove all the edited data, files, or records immediately after an hour.

3. PDFBear Supports All Platforms

Would PDFBear work on your OS or devices? You don’t have to worry. This one should be the least of your concern. With this tool, the operating system or device would not be an issue. The site’s service supports and functions well with all major operating systems and devices.

You can use and enjoy the benefits from this tool, regardless of the platform and operating system you have. Therefore, whether you have Mac, Windows, or Linux, PDFBear is functional.

4. All Actions are Done in the Cloud

When you use PDFBear, all the processes are performed in its Cloud. Thus, it gives you easy access –solution. Setting or downloading applications or software are not needed. Just open your browser, type in PDFBear. Once on the site, choose the tool you like.

Other Tools From The Website

The site can help you with almost all conversion, modifying, or editing needs for your files. PDFBear is a one-stop shop for tools you can use in managing your files. Here are some of them.

1. Merge PDF:

This tool from PDFBear is the easiest merging tool available online. Whether you need to merge or combine a single PDF file or multiple files simultaneously, PDFBear can definitely help you out. Moreover, this site will provide a high-quality merged PDF file.

2. Protect PDF:

Aside from the security that the site offers, you can also apply security features to your PDF documents or files. Protect your PDF from unauthorized usage, modification, and access by using this tool from PDFBear.

3. Split PDF:

There are instances that you need to delete, divide or separate the content of your PDF files. The site offers you another great tool for such a purpose. Moreover, this Split PDF feature is handy when making independent files from your existing documents. It also allows you to manage your PDF files so that you can view them separately rather than go through all the pages for specific data or topics.

4. Unlock PDF:

If you want to remove your password to access your file easier, this site can also help you out! Remove or unlock your files with this feature.

5. E-Sign PDF:

The E-Sign function was developed to eliminate the hassle of printing and doing other necessary tasks before one can sign files.  Sign your files instantly and send them conveniently via email.


PDFBear is a reliable online tool offering various utilities for all types of documents. It can be a PDF, word, or files in other formats. The site presents highly detailed and easy-to-follow instructions or steps for managing your files. Whether you want to convert, compress, remove, merge, or split your documents, PDFBear offers the same functionality level and provides you with high–quality results.

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