Top 6 best free WordPress portfolio themes in 2020



6 best free WordPress .When you do something and share it with the world, you share some friendly portfolio themes. A portfolio website can be a personal asset to you. When you behave well online, you are seen by the best people online.’re one of the prosperous ones to have access to some of the best free WordPress portfolios in 2020. All you have to do is find out which is Word’s Best Free Portfolio Theme in 2020. Press. A quick Google search for “WordPress Themes” yields more than 819 million results.

Of course, you are not allowed to access all themes for free, but some are free. Here we will deal with what are the best free WordPress portfolio themes and what possible features these themes offer.

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Lot 6 best free WordPress themes

Here we have listed the six best free WordPress themes for 2020 that can be used to create a portfolio in WordPress. Follow this article very sensibly, and it will surely bring you some benefits.


Neve’s creative portfolio

This is what it is about the same contact topic and also a multipurpose topic that is used both for management and for personal tasks or portfolios. If we relate to the theme, we can say that you have this theme if your work is an illustration, visual art or an art image or image format.

Features of the part

First edition a superior design.

The first theme supports page builders using drag and drop.

It gives you more than one demonstration.

The result is a perfect project

Friendly photographic design



It is the second most popular free WordPress portfolio theme in 2020, and it is getting creative for all creative, fast agencies. Any web designer or digital studio, marketing and advertising agency can use this theme to create a portfolio. This theme is also a personal theme for any personal work. Best of all, the thing is, there are the right decisions and tools up north, but no messy features.

Features of the part

The first subject is susceptible

Support for contact form 7 on this topic is under construction

A unique theme is a retina ready


It is an easy and flexible topic. This topic quickly runs out of time to create a portfolio with this topic. Zara is an expert that everything is in the right portfolio.


Features of the part

This theme is used in multipurpose designs.

It’s a fermium tool

This theme is efficiently optimized for performances.

It’s mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly

Well proportioned

It’s a great, free, and most creative tool for businesses. This theme with a full-width parallax head, lovely parallax bands, clean design, and its portfolio area. This theme impresses with its modern full-screen layout and elegant design.

Features of the part

The first theme offers a hero image in full-screen mode and the best perspective

First is the list for electronic advertising

It is ready for translation

The theme of the great font symbols.

You have unlimited colour options.



As the theme name suggests, this theme seems like experience and in itself from many other articles. This theme also defines some square boxes so you can put in your best work, and this theme has a dark design. This dark neck design will help keep your purse rights out of the limelight.

Features of the part

This theme is designed for the speed that it will be maintained.

The main topic answered in full

 It has a negligible and clean design of this theme.

First is a topic for SEO

This theme has unlimited colour options.

Rising up

This is the most minimalist and attractive WordPress theme. This Theme exhibitions your portfolio in a grid-like layout. This Theme defines two different home page styles, as well as animated sliders and headers. This theme is neat and orderly for online shopping.

Subject function

It has an attractive design

This song has 4 different demos

It is the only subject that has a grid layout and is different from the others.

You can use this theme to create a beautiful portfolio

You can also customize the header

There are different types of blogging on this topic.


Choosing the right theme for your WordPress portfolio is very important if you haven’t figured it out yet. You can take your time and exercise your rights before moving on to a topic. You mean well when you include some of the best free WordPress themes that can make your portfolio heard.

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