What is MAC & What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of MacOS

What is the full form of MAC?

The full form of MAC is the media access control address. The MAC address is known as the hardware identification number. In particular each computer’s network card, including a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet card, has an unchanged MAC address that was entered by the manufacturer at the time of production. Some of the best-known NIC manufacturers are Nortel, Dell, Nortel, and Cisco. Replacing the NIC cards can change the default address of the specified system.

Bref history of MAC

In terms of history, humans can assume that the Xerox PARC researchers detected the presence of MAC addresses.

Various related concepts are used in the MAC address position, such as: E.g .: B. physical address, hardware address, Ethernet hardware address of a network device.

Even BIA (Cisco Router Switch Specific Embedded Address) often refers to the same thing.

Features of MAC

The network card is a computer board that allows users to connect to a network on their computer. It converts the information into an electrical signal that can be transmitted over the Internet.

So in a system there is a computer hardware address, including an IP address.

IP addresses are tied to TCP / IP, while network adapter hardware is tied to MAC addresses.

The first six digits of the MAC address focus on providing manufacturer information. It is known as the OUI (Unique Organizational Identifier).

A network interface control system assigned by the manufacturing company is identified by the last six digits.

The number is automatically recognized by the network and we don’t have to remember the address.

The IEEE Registration Authority Committee assigns MAC prefixes to licensed providers

What are the advantages and disadvantages of macOS

Advantages of macOS

Fewer virus attacks:

Since macOS is the second most common serious access and is less active, there are also fewer virus attacks. The other reason for antivirus security is the UNIX relationship.

Good customer support:

Mac users get a good response from the support team compared to other potential users. Apple is concerned that qualified engineers will help the user eliminate problems in their hardware and software.

Different GUI for all products:

Like other Apple products like iPhone and tablets. Users can feel comfortable managing macOS when they are sophisticated from another Apple.

Performance and long training:

Since Apple manufactures both hardware and software, hardware communication has been vastly improved and performance improves. This leads and the hardware is there. Apple computers are different from other computers. You can also hear the battery sync from Mac laptops.

Standard applications:

When you repair Windows, it comes with pre-installed applications, the names of your computer’s computers, for example, A drive belongs to our computer. This is not the case with macOS, but it is sold with direct applications that do not sell the performance of your system. Some of the pre-installed macOS applications are iPhoto and iMovie.

Difference between NTFS and FAT:

macOS carries the Windows file system formats, NTFS, and FAT.

Can Windows recording:

You may have heard Windows if you have differentiated macOS from Bootcamp or Parallels software.

Disadvantages of macOS


The minimum cost for a Mac PC is over $ 1000. You can get a good $ 1000 Windows PC with more hardware specifications.

Fewer games and software:

Most game developers prefer to build for the Windows operating system because they have a higher percentage of users. Mac users have fewer games available. In addition, Mac computers have poor graphics capabilities to run games with high graphics performance. There is some software for Windows and not for Mac users, such as E.g .: Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.

Without hardware adjustment:

When you buy a Mac computer/laptop, you cannot change the hardware parts like processor, graphics card, etc. Some computers let you change hardware and memory, but not all computers. It is also not possible to use other hardware accessories, such as to modify the internal parts of the computer. The only option is to buy a new Mac. For each major version of your operating system, you will need to change your computer. Otherwise, 50% of the functions of your operating system will not work.

Windows cannot empty the macOS file system:

macOS can empty Windows NTFS and FAT formats, but Windows cannot empty the macOS file system. To do this, you need to install third-party software on Windows. Some other programs, such as B. Footnotes have compatibility issues when moving files from macOS to Windows.

Limitations of MAC

Since the first three bytes (OUI) of a MAC address are reserved for purchase, it has the same content at only 2 ^ 24 true per EUI.

To classify MAC liability lead wire, easy to forge. Ethernet transmission character can change and only eavesdrop on promised MAC addresses.

In most cases, access can be obtained through the personal sounds of your MAC address at a certain network access address.

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