How To Batch Convert EML To PDF Files: Easy Approaches

Introduction:-In this informative blog, we are going to discuss How to transfer data from EML to PDF. If you are looking for an easy way to convert EML data, you must read this content. Here, you will find why users want to convert EML files. We will mention here two methods to export EML to PDF. The first one is the manual way and the second method is a professional method using a utility. Let’s first know what is EML files and PDF files.

EML files are used to store email messages in plain text format.  It is widely used by email service providers to store data from their mailbox databases due to its wide compatibility. A large number of programs use EML files for keeping message data due to their flexible structure. On the other hand, a PDF file is known as a Portable Document Format. 

This file can be easily opened b any time anywhere. It is used for saving the document. It can store documents of any large size of images and fonts. But due to some reasons, we need to convert EML to PDF. EML files can not be easily transferred from one system to another system as compared to PDF files. Let’s see some reasons to convert EML files.

Causes of converting EML to PDF 

  1. The EML files are safer in a PDF document. 
  2. You can convert all the attachments of the EML file into a single PDF file.
  3. PDF file does not allow any unauthorized users to edit or change the EML data.

Therefore, users want to transfer EML data to PDF format. After knowing the motives to move EML files. Now, jump to the process to the process of EML file conversion. 

How Do I Convert EML To PDF Manually Using MS Outlook

The inbuilt utility function of MS Outlook allows users to change EML to PDF. In order to accomplish this, you should have MS Outlook installed in your system. 

Follow the given steps to save EML as PDF:-

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your system.
  2. Then, select the EML files that you want to convert into PDF files.
  3. Go to the File menu and choose to save as a tag.
  4. Finally, choose PDF as the format for saving the EML file.

These all are the manual procedures to convert EML files into PDF format. But using manual methods have some limitations. To understand why the manual method should not be used, we have mentioned some of its drawbacks in the next step.

Drawbacks Of Using Manual Process

Above we have mentioned manual tricks to export EML to PDF but it contains some issues during the conversion of EML files. Thus, take a look at some of the problems concerning manual processes. 

  1. To convert more than one EML file, you have to repeat the process again and again which is so difficult to accomplish.
  2. It does not allow you to export emails from EML file to PDF   along with attachments.
  3. This is a very time-consuming method to import EML files to PDF. If you need to convert multiple EML files to PDF format then, it requires more time and effort to complete the process. 
  4. May occur the data loss while converting EML files.

By using manual tricks, you have to face the above problem. Therefore, to avoid these problems and make your task easy to change EML to PDF, we have mentioned an automated technique. Let’s go to the professional method.

Professional Method To Convert EML To PDF

To become your conversion task easy I strongly suggest you an automated technique. Using an EML to PDF Converter that allows you to save EML as PDF. By using this method you can convert multiple EML files into PDF format in one shot. It takes a few minutes to transfer EML data to PDF. It authorizes you to migrate EML to PDF  with all the attachments. It has a simple Graphical User Interface that helps you to convert EML files easily. It can also convert EML files into different email clients. For easy and safe conversion, you can use this automated method. Let’s know the whole article in a few lines.

Final Word

In this article, we have solutions to migrate EML files into PDF files. Also discussed were the reasons transfer  EML files. We have explained here the step-by-step process to convert EML files manually. However, using manual ways is lengthy, therefore we have also provided an automated technique to convert EML to  PDF. You can choose any one of the methods which are suitable for you.

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