Everything You Need To Know About Makeup And Face-lift

Recently, a great number of videos on how to apply makeup in such a way as to give the impression that your face is raised have been appearing in all of our social feeds. Well, by applying these strategies, you’ll understand that less is more and that even the smallest adjustments can make a significant impact on the outcome.

If you are above the age of 40, you have probably noticed that the person looking back at you in the mirror is not the same person. It is time to rebuild, just like a nice house in an older neighborhood would need to be redone.

Some plumbing fixtures with the help of new 3-way valve types, garden remodeling with added flowers, or doubling your main door’s security with single vs double cylinder deadbolt along with design, will instantly lift the old look.

Makeup isn’t just for expressing yourself; with these pointers from the pros, you can also help contour your cheekbones, sculpt that jawline, and even raise your brow in a matter of minutes using makeup.

Let’s lift up!

1.   Skipping The Application Of Heavy Concealer

If you want your eyes to look lifted, you can forget about putting concealer in the traditional “big triangle” shape beneath your eyes. To highlight and, you guessed it, lift, apply concealer starting at the inner and outer corners of the eyes and moving upwards.

Not only does it produce gorgeous results, but it also uses less product and can be applied to achieve both natural, “no makeup” makeup looks as well as more glamorous ones.

2.   Experiment With A Method Of Lifting Eyeliner

You can make your eyes look bigger and brighter, which will give the impression that your whole face has been lifted. Beginning at the tear ducts, draw a gorgeous, saturated line with a pencil or gel along the upper lash line, and continue to the outer corner of the eye.

Once you reach the pupil of your eye, instead of going down, move slightly up, so that it gives the appearance of rising. This will achieve the desired effect. It is possible to extend the eyes and give the impression that they are larger, brighter, and wider by lifting the liners.

3.   Apply Mascara To The Inner Corners Of The Eyes

The inner corner of your eyes should receive the most of the mascara, while the outer areas should receive less. This will bring about the “Bambi effect,” which is something that we enjoy witnessing.

4.   Experiment With A Lateral Brow

Always go for a gentler and more understated arch when shaping your brows. A face appears longer when the eyebrows have more lateral contour, drawing attention to the facial bones and the eyes.

When you get the lifted look, you want to make sure that you have a glowing complexion and that your eyes look open and bright while also being conscious and awake.

5.   Contoured In The Cheekbones

It’s all about the shadows if you want to create a fuller-looking cheek that seems like it may have been achieved with filler. Make advantage of our ‘Face Ombre Technique’ on the high points of your cheekbones.

Applying three dots of the Illuminator in a line from the top of your cheekbone near your temple to the outer corner of your eye is the strategy for doing this.

Apply three dots of blush directly below the highlight, and then follow up with a layer of bronzer immediately below the blush. If you need a picture, the product should look like it is drawn in three even lines on the tops of your cheeks, just outside the corners.

Last but not least, combine the formulas using “upward” strokes to blend them together. Because of this, the product can contour itself to the natural outline of the face.

What Should Be Avoided

The technique you employ will bring you the desired effect, even though there is no one product you should steer clear of if you have a certain style you want to create. If you want your face to appear more lifted, avoid dragging any of your contouring, highlighting, blush, or bronzer down the sides of your face.

Because advancement is the objective, the application needs to progress upward. To achieve a gorgeous, lifted finish, apply your products to the face’s high points and gently brush upwards from the center outward.

It is never a bad idea to stay on the cutting edge of trends regarding makeup. We get used to the things we liked doing when we were younger and tend to continue doing them, even though this makes us appear out of date.


Makeup can be your secret weapon for achieving a lifted appearance, especially if an in-office lifting or sculpting surgery using high-end products by a reputable medical device component manufacturer is not in the cards for you or if you need a quick fix.

The trick is to use products that accentuate your features without going overboard with the brush strokes. This is the key to success. A little bit goes a long way to maintain a naturally sculpted glow-up. This is true for any style!

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