10 Secret Places To Hide Your Guns At Home

In a perfect world, we’d be able to store our guns safely in a locked cabinet, only to retrieve them when absolutely necessary. However, traditional old style safes have the disadvantage of being easily noticeable.

Therefore, we need to either locate a better spot to hide the gun or figure out a technique to conceal the wholesale gun safes, as this could be an issue in the event of a home invasion or any kind of dangerous emergency.

Several methods exist for concealing firearms from the view of curious kids, relatives, or criminals. And the irony is that it’s often possible to pull this off in broad daylight. Keep yourself and your guns safe with these clever methods of concealing weapons.

1.   Dirty Clothing

No one, not even a child, a guest, or a thief, will rummage through your hamper looking for filthy clothing. A mound of filthy laundry, whether left on a chair or tossed into a hamper, will go unnoticed unless someone specifically goes looking for it. If you hide a gun somewhere, only you will know where it is, and you’ll be able to use it quickly when you find yourself in danger.

2.   DIY Bookshelf With Secret Shelves

Conceal your guns and spruce up your home at the same time. You can use the techniques in these projects to conceal weapons on any type of bookshelf. These days, you can stow your guns pretty much wherever in the house thanks to innovations like these. These do-it-yourself covert cabinets with decorative 3528 led strips are a far cheaper alternative to installing a wall-mounted disguised gun safe.

3.   Pottery

You can conceal a firearm in a piece of pottery, provided it is large enough. Absolutely no one will look in that direction. Wrapping the pistol in fabric before placing it in the pottery will keep it safe and prevent damage to both. In this manner, if they are curious and open the pot, they won’t find the gun.

4.   Food Container With No Contents

Put your weapon of choice in a food storage box and put it in the back of your pantry (such as a cereal box). Although this is a clever way to conceal your weapon, it also raises the possibility that a curious youngster or visitor will stumble upon it while searching the pantry. So just make sure it is out of reach for young ones.

5.   Air Vents

In this case, you can use either false or real air vents, which is conceptually comparable to using phony electrical outlets. The positive element of concealing a firearm in a vent is that youngsters won’t think to look there, while the negative aspect is that experienced burglars may look there. But your typical thief won’t consider that.

6.   Concealed Under A Pretended Air Duct

Fake vents that look like the ones in your home can be bought, or you can build one that opens on a hinge to reveal hidden storage space. Place this where it makes sense, given the layout of the rest of your home, to avoid raising suspicion.

7.   The Couch

If you want to hide your gun, the ideal place to do it is in a piece of furniture because no burglar breaks in intending to take a couch. You can conceal a rifle beneath the cushions by removing a section of the couch’s covering. They won’t suspect anything sinister, like a hidden pistol, lurking in your home furnishings.

Soft couches or beds are good places but never hide your gun under your child’s cradle. No matter how much hidden storage your cradle manufacturer has provided for baby stuff, this is not at all the place for hiding ammunition.

8.   Cut A Tennis Ball In Half

If you cut a tennis ball in half, you’ll find a miniature vault within, similar to the coin purses made of rubber that you could squeeze shut in the 1970s. Avoid throwing the ball across the yard from the garage, where it could get lost among the other balls.

9.   Hidden Floor Space

Most house floors are constructed above a frame, so you should be relatively secure installing your own improvised security measures there. It’s easy enough to make a gash in the floor, raise up the section, and stow your weapon there.

Find a good hiding spot for the gun so you won’t lose track of it. It would work best next to the sofa or table in the living room, or even better, under them.

10.   Falsified Power Outlet

Another excellent hiding spot for a weapon is a phony electrical outlet, which works in much the same manner as the air vent. One can be made by cutting a hole in the wall, or one can make do with the space left by a previously installed outlet.

Although some burglars may inspect electrical outlets for valuables if they know about this technique, they are unlikely to find the proper one. It’s possible that there are hundreds of power outlets in your home.


Not every option for gun concealment is created equal. Some will make it easier to get to the gun or keep it more concealed than others. Having more than one gun for home defense necessitates having more than one hiding place, so you’ll want to employ more than one of the strategies discussed here. We hope you liked them!

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