5 Japanese Wristwatch Brands for Watch Enthusiasts 

While Swiss watches still rule the industry, Japanese watches are an embodiment of technological advancement. Watches produced by the Japanese are a combination of both traditional wristwatch movements mixed with modern features. Many Japanese watch brands are available to consumers, but only a few brands have earned people’s admiration due to their craftsmanship and satisfactory quality.

These watches are unique with different, elegant designs and looks. When looking into the available options of these watches to be bought from a reputed watch dealer, one has to make sure that he or she is getting a genuine piece with genuine price tags to avoid ending up with a fake. If you are not sure which Japanese wrist watch is worth your bucks, here are some options you can choose from.

1.  Casio

Casio is one of the first Japanese watch manufacturers. The company was established amidst wartime and stayed strong during the war up till the present. Casio wrist watches have a prominent size of up to forty-mm which enhances visibility. A more significant hour hand makes it simpler for users to distinguish between the hours, minutes, and seconds.

Luminated hands also increase visibility in dark conditions. Digital Casio wrist watches can store more information such as the date, the time, and location. These features make the Casio watch suitable for athletes and divers.

Most Casio watches have a safety screen that features a scratch-resistant, shock-proof surface. The dial can be used for other functions, such as changing the local time. The Casio G-shock is a popular brand of Casio watches that is being sold worldwide.

2.            Seiko

Seiko created the first quartz watch in 1969 and has since brought different innovative designs to the horology industry. Seiko wristwatches are of high quality, well-built, and authentic. Seiko has been around for a very long time and has become a household name in its own right. Seiko watches are a perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe and one that will never go out of style. Since the company started in Japan, it has been top-selling all over the world. There are numerous Seiko wristwatch styles to choose from, and what’s more? They come at affordable prices.

There are hundreds of different movements, styles, colors, and features available for each of Seiko’s watches. Still, probably the most recognizable and distinctive feature of any watch is the power reserve. The power reserve is the amount of energy stored in the battery, and Seiko watches have a reputation for a long-lasting battery. The higher the grade of the watch, the greater the power reserve. If you want a watch that can run for many years, then choose a Seiko wristwatch would do. Another benefit of choosing a Seiko wristwatch is the excellent accuracy featured in many of their wristwatches.

3.            Citizen

Citizen watch is best known for its Eco-drive technology and super quartz movement. As with many other watch brands, Citizen has both analog and digital types of watches. The brand has made its way around the world and is best known for its technological innovations in the watch industry. Citizen has been practicing the tradition of fine watchmaking and has expanded their offerings to include everything from diver’s watches to dress watches. In fact, over the years, Citizen has gained a lot of respect for the incredibly accurate way that they monitor time.

Citizen has expanded its horological offering quite a bit, and it now has many different lines and sub-brands. It is considered to be among the most elegant and distinguished chronograph watches on the market today. Many other Citizen sports watches are designed for particular sporty requirements. Regardless of why someone might choose a Citizen wristwatch, they are sure to enjoy the quality and durability featured in each of their products.

4.            Orient

Orient wristwatches are among the most popular and highly sought-after wristwatches today. The company is currently owned by the Seiko Group and specializes in self-winding and hand-winding mechanical movement. People using this watch in their daily life include military men, pilots, engineers, doctors, business people, etc. The Orient watch is a versatile timepiece that can be used for any occasion and anywhere. The company’s style is based on classic, simple, and elegant movements. They are known for superior functionality and accuracy.

There are many reasons why you should buy an Orient wristwatch. Firstly, it is a high-quality, precision-made timepiece. Secondly, it has a rich and colorful history that dates back to more than 100 years. There are many models available that include sporty, elegant, decorative, and classic designs. Fourthly, the price of an Orient wristwatch is affordable and worth your investment.

If you are thinking of buying a Japanese mechanical wristwatch, then you should check out Orient wristwatches. Although some models may be considered high-end, they will still satisfy all your needs as a watch fan. With its sophisticated design, quality movements, and construction, these watches will assure you that it is definitely worth your money.

5.            Minase

If you are looking for a Japanese-made luxury timepiece, then the Minase wristwatch is something you should give serious consideration to. Manufactured by Kayowa Co,ltd in 2005, these watches are in limited supply. In addition, many people are satisfied with the fact that the cost of the watches is not so high as some others with similar quality. The price range for a Minase wristwatch is relatively inexpensive, as you can find a quality model below $1000.

The Minase brand name has proven to be one of the top watchmakers from Japan, and as a result, it has built up many loyal followers. Even though other watches are more distributed, Minase watches still maintain loyal customers.


Watchmakers in Japan have always put great effort into creating various watches to fit every consumer’s need and requirement. In addition to watches for men, women, and the younger population. They also have a large variety of sports watches, including those designed for athletes. Many of these watches are powered by a reliable battery. Battery powered watches  is greatly beneficial if you’re looking to rely on the watch for a long time.


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