Take your business to new heights with an AdWords consultant

It’s no mean feat to keep your blog or website in tiptop form! Far more than simply making sure that your content is appealing, and your graphics look good, maintaining your ranking can be the challenging part of maintaining your online presence. If it feels like a full-time job, that is because it is! AdWords campaign management is a career in itself, and the professionals who do this for a living are online alchemists – rather than trying to DIY your way around your Google rankings, there are several valid reasons for you to hire a Google AdWords Consultant to do the heavy lifting on this front!

Leave the pros to do what they do

This includes you! If you are not a Google AdWords Consultant, there is no need for you to try and figure things out on your own. There are other aspects of your business that need your undivided attention and expertise – so stick to that, and call in help where you need it.

However – your business still needs to grow, and what better place to grow it than online, where an audience of millions is waiting to see what you have to offer? A certified ads specialist knows how to grow your business through increased leads, improving traffic to your site, and will also help you to scale your revenue. Making sure that the individual who ends up working on your account is certified, goes a long way. These professionals are multi-skilled and will help you with everything, ranging from the planning and maintenance of your account to ensure that your budget is put to use in such a way to get the most out of what you are paying. Although this person sounds like a unicorn, you will be surprised (and hopefully delighted) that they do exist.

What skills should my consultant have?

 Top-of-the-range digital pros will know how to channel business your way, solidly and consistently. In short – everything that you found challenging when you (probably) tried to DIY your PPC advertising, they are trained to do. Investing in an outsourced Google AdWords management service gives you the best shot at achieving targeted PPC advertising without wasting your budget.

An optimally targeted campaign is only worth the money if it directs you to an optimized website, though. What does optimized mean? Simple – it should be designed in such a way that it converts any traffic passing through into leads. This also implies that a static campaign will not work – any learnings that are gathered from the campaign progression, in terms of what works, what doesn’t work, and what strategies show better success than others, should be applied in constantly tweaking the campaign to improve its performance.

Before deciding on a professional, you need to be clear on how these website updates will be handled. Will the consultant make the updates themselves; will they work alongside the web developer, or will you need to take care of your own updates?

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How do I identify the best candidate?

Competition can be fierce, and although people might come up with very competitive quotes for their services, you shouldn’t be tempted to just go with the guy who offers the lowest price. The adage, you get what you pay for, still holds, and Cutting corners for the sake of a good deal might leave you stranded with someone who is not able to offer the right skills and services for your brand.

When they quote for the job, make sure that the quote is itemized according to services. A top tip is to be very cautious about a generic “management fees” category. This is often used as padding, to avoid commitment to specific timeframes and to hide skills that may be lacking.

You will have to decide between the services of an individual or freelancer, and a larger agency. Although good freelancers do charge a high hourly rate, this cost is generally justified by the attention to detail and personalized service, as well as skills and proficiency. A high hourly cost will also still be much less than even a low agency fee, so take this into account when deciding what route is best for you.

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