Tips to write a Blog on Travel

Have you recently been on a holiday? Then there must be hundreds of stories rambling

inside your head! Well, they need to be spoken out as every traveler has their own unique

way of storytelling. If you want to publish your wandering stories, starting a travel blog is a

great idea. It’s a great way to gather readers and travel enthusiasts to your ground and

thereby be heard. People also write blogs to generate income through writing and story-

telling. However, this needs consistency as well as time-to-time monetization.

If you are here for the purpose of knowing how to start writing or enriching your travel blog,

then keep scrolling to get some useful tips.

How to Write Captivating Travel Blogs

  1. Start Journaling

Journaling is always a great idea to let people know your amazing stories. When we talk

specifically about traveling, it sketches out the whole journey for you to relive it. The readers

also find reading the journals quite interesting. Being a travel enthusiast, I had drawn my trip

to the desert safari Dubai into words. I added how my squad went for crazy sand activities

there and wrote about the classic tradition of Arabia. Put some amazing pictures to it, and

make it reader-friendly. Guess what? The readers found it so overwhelming that my blog got

an impressive amount of views.

Even if you do not rove often, you can still write captivating blogs by journaling about your

bucket list. This gives an informative counterpart to your text and builds familiarity with the


You can write about your whole journey by adopting a structure. For example, list your days

out at a place as numerics like day 1, day 2, etc. You can also make your listings sound

catchy by putting the name of the destination. For example, create subheads like Day 1 at

the café, day 2 at the Zoo, etc. Being specific about space is a great hack in writing a catchy

travel blog.

  1. Get a Niche

As we know, grabbing a travel niche is an essential part of running a blog. You have to be

specific when it comes to blog writing. Pick any famous blog, you’ll see that the author runs

his blog by a niche-centered approach. But how would you become more saturated in a

travel niche? Well, it’s all about wandering and it gives you a huge ground to become

specific. You can write blogs on how to travel on a budget. Or you can be food-specific and

let people know about your food ventures. Traveling tips and hacks are also a good niche to

gather people to your blog posts. Adopt a distinguishing writing style by getting a niche.

  1. Prior Research is Mandatory

Prior research before getting started is always beneficial. Researching a topic and writing go

hand in hand. Researching the topic and writing it in your own style makes your content

stand out from the crowd. Bloggers know their challenges and competitors taking the

rankings on the google search race. So doing research for every detail, especially the

keywords is a crucial step in writing an attention-grabbing blog.

Reading the google top rankers gives you a market idea and helps to polish your content

according to the readers' needs. Keep a hawk’s eye in spotting the similarities between the

top-ranking bloggers. Researching and keeping a check on what the competitors do is the

universal method of staying primed and organized on the field.

  1. Know Your Targeted Audience

After researching and writing a blog post, it’s time to get into networking. Connecting with

professionals, bloggers, and social media activists helps to collect interesting content. Big

names representing your niche including sponsors, journalists, and media faces. They leave

their emails and contacts on their firms through which you can reach them. This way, you’ll

introduce yourself and thereby your content to the limelight. It is also a great method to

expand your pitch through dominant connections.

You can also go for guest post service by approaching bloggers who may also provide you with

pro blogging tips. If you are thinking about content marketing, social media platforms are the

best for this. Connect with the people of the same industry, like travel enthusiasts and

bloggers. Bring the targeted audience right to your blog connecting with social media bodies.

  1. Create Engaging Content

An engaging blog post is the ultimate goal of blog writers. As it aids in bringing readers,

more importantly, increases their time of stay at your site. Here are some tips on how to

keep your tone reader-friendly while creating a travel blog:

  • Write your heart out. Being spontaneous while writing clings the reader to your

content. As it’s a read of its own kind. Add some humor, your vision, and experiences

to your content to make it stand out.

  • Create a visual enticing blog by adding images and videos. If you have recently been

to a destination, add images of that particular place captured by you. Adding colorful

images create a massive difference in a few minutes of reading.

  • Interviewing the natives is a great idea for collecting content for your travel blog. By

interviewing people, you are opening a gateway to people who are willing to visit that

specific destination. Even sponsors get attracted to the interviews. You never know,

they might approach upon being impressed by this approach of yours.

  1. Monetize Your Content

From time to time content monetization is an essential part of keeping your blog in the

spotlight. Pay per click and Google Adsense methods are considerable if you want to earn

through your blog. Moreover, affiliate article writing and paid guest posting are other

methods of generating money through your blog posts. For this, you have to keep a check

on content monetization.


Writing an engaging blog post is the attempt of successful blog writers. Becoming a travel

blog writer doesn’t necessarily require roaming around but it adds a huge difference. Acquire

the right blog writing strategies to get the professionals to your homepage. You might end up

having a sponsor’s concern that may fulfill your travel privileges.

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