Eliminate Labeling Mistakes From Your Production Line

Packaging is one of the most common areas with mistakes in many production companies. The problem is, even though the world is switching from manual to digital, many companies still heavily rely on individuals to carry out the labeling of various packages. When people are trusted to do the labeling, there is at least one chance in 300 attempts that a mistake will be made.

In an effort to protect consumers, stricter legislation is being implemented to packagers on how efficient and accurate their labeling is.

Both of these instances mean that there is a need for packagers to eliminate mistakes. Not only is it a source of losses, but it could also be a source of legal issues for the company. That said, how can you eliminate labeling errors?

Common Sources of Errors

Depending on whether the packaging system is run manually or digitally, here are some of the most common errors that occur.

  • Wrong labeling by selecting and placing the wrong label onto a product

-When a company produces more than one product, labels can sometimes be mixed up, especially on similar products. For other companies, there are instances where they rebrand or change their packaging and the old labels could end up on products.

  • Typing errors that end up distorting the intended message of the label

-Some areas of a label such as bar codes and the ingredient list need to be accurate and a distortion, omission of characters, or unclearness can cause issues with the consumers/

  • Human error in label management includes entering the wrong information onto a product template and using it on a product

-When manual labeling is done, errors, where some people enter the wrong templates on a product, can occur.

How can these errors be reduced?

As mentioned, one of the main problems is human error. In order to reduce these errors, companies need to move from manual labeling to automated systems that can detect errors and ensure continuity even in the absence of human supervision.

Companies should focus on having a production department that solely deals with packaging or consider outsourcing the area to more knowledgeable people. When one company handles a lot of the aspects of a business in-house without enough staffing, chances of labeling mistakes occurring are high.

The creation of label templates for companies that use manual labor can be important to ensure labels are universal and easy to manage. These templates are easy to manage and change if circumstances require some upgrades.

One of the best ways for label creation management is to integrate automated digital systems into the company. A good MES OR ERP system or a simple UPC can enable labels to be created easily from a centralized system and then printed easily without risks of human error.

Once a company is able to eliminate errors in labeling, they can prevent losses, enjoy profits, and even ensure positive feedback from clients on platforms such as Seagull Scientific.


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