Best Crypto Casinos Won’t Tell You to Do This?

You would agree that the best Bitcoin casinos are a turning point in online gaming. They offer stellar services on highly responsive websites, giving bettors a fluid experience. However, their introduction has brought added risks.

We heavily scrutinize our best crypto casinos to give you the best experience. Naturally, we want you to enjoy the games, slot machines, table games, poker, bingo, scratch cards, etc. Nevertheless, you have a salient role in keeping yourself from falling for scams that are, unfortunately, all over.

This article will explore some things the best crypto casinos will never tell you to do. First, however, let us look at some characteristics of these premium gaming platforms that set them apart.

Essential Characteristics of the Best Crypto Casinos

We understand you want to be able to tell a scam website from a legit one. Web 3.0 has brought many possibilities, but it has made phishing sites even harder to detect. That is why you must know what the best crypto casinos have in common.

Gaming Licenses

Any platform serious about offering gaming services to bettors always possesses a license. Thankfully, there are several regulatory bodies across the world that provide licenses.

Do not think that Bitcoin casinos are above regulations. On the contrary, they require more regulation than the fiat variants because of the nature of cryptocurrencies.

You can say that having a license proves the integrity of the best Bitcoin casinos. It shows they are accountable to a government body and will be responsible for any fallout.

Independent Testing

Although regulatory bodies request or test the platforms, the best Bitcoin casinos often have independent testing. Third-party testing bodies like eCOGRA have established prominence over the years.

They test the random number generators of these sites to ensure they are fair. This is especially true with online slot machines and scratch cards that rely on chance.

The best Bitcoin casinos often display the seals of these independent testers on their homepage. Of course, they are proud to prove their fairness to all who come seeking it.

Top-notch Security

Although industry-leading cryptocurrency gaming sites may look flashy on the outside, they have thick skins. What we mean by that is tight security.

Some even offer their users biometric authentication and verification as an added layer of security over passwords or PINs. Nevertheless, you will also find basic SSL encryption to scramble site data against hacking.

The best Bitcoin casinos might opt for cold storage of players’ wins. Thankfully, that makes it practically impossible for hackers to gain access.

What the Best Bitcoin Casinos Will Never Tell You to Do

We looked at the most common characteristics of top-notch gaming sites that support cryptocurrency. That was to give you an idea of the positives of playing in them.

With that in mind, let us examine some things you should never do at the best crypto casinos. They include the following:

They Will Never Ask for Access to Your Cryptocurrency Wallets

Your cryptocurrency wallet is as crucial as your bank account. It holds your blockchain assets, including coins, NFTs, etc. As a result, granting access to an untrusted source is a recipe for disaster.

One common trick phishing sites use is to ask for your unique code under the pretense of depositing your wins. They don’t need that to send coins to your account. All they need is your wallet address.

So, remember that the best Bitcoin casinos will never ask for your wallet code. Instead, they only require your Blockchain address to process your withdrawal.

They will Never Ask You to Provide Your Debit Card PIN

Bitcoin gaming sites support cryptocurrency, without a doubt, but they often support fiat currency, too. You can use your debit card to fund your account and receive payments.

While registering your debit card for a transfer, the best crypto casinos will never ask for your PIN. They might ask for the card number and CVV, but your PIN is never on the list. Also, they often carry out Fiat transactions through licensed third-party gateways.

Scam sites, however, will jump at any opportunity to access your account. Having your debit card pin does that for them. So, keep your pin away from prying eyes and online sites that want nothing but to steal your funds.

They Will Not Ask for Payment by Email

Not only the best crypto casinos, but all legit gaming sites process all payments on their platform. They will never request payment by email, no matter how crucial.

Receiving such a message should be a significant red flag and require extensive scrutiny. Never send funds to accounts via email, even if the sender claims to be a customer representative.

They Will Not Ask for Your Banking Details

The best crypto casinos have swift payment options that might not even require banking details. Take e-wallets, for instance. You can quickly find your account in just minutes and process withdrawals in the shortest time possible.

On the other hand, phishing sites often do everything they can to get as many details as possible from you. No matter how nicely they ask, never provide more than you need to make an online payment. Better still, close such a website immediately.

Keep things like your security number, token details, account passwords, etc., to yourself. This peculiar case is one of the significant reasons you should always play at the best crypto casinos.


The best Bitcoin casinos are not just revolutionary; they are also a thing of beauty. Playing in them brings many benefits, including enhanced security, fast payments, mega bonuses, and decentralized systems. However, not all who claim to offer these services are legit.

You must be mindful of where you register and fund your online gaming. We have highlighted some things the best Bitcoin casinos will never ask you to do.

The best way to be sure you are on a legit platform is to verify their license. Go to the regulatory body’s website and type in the license number for confirmation.


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