Mobile Technology, Its Importance, Present And Future Developments



Cellular technolog

This platform allows many users to use unique frequencies by limiting the probability of frequency interference from two or more sources. This channel has evolved over the years.

Mobile technology is developing rapidly.

Over the years, its uses become more diverse.

Gradually replacing some similar sources in the market that are also used for communication, such as Post and fixed telephony.


Mobile technology

has better from a simple device for making phone calls and messaging to a multitasking device for GPS navigation, web browsing, games, instant messaging, and more. Experts argue with the trend that the future of computer technology is based on wireless networks and mobile computing. Mobile technology through tablets and laptops is becoming more and more popular.

Mobile technology


was a mystery two periods ago, but now it has become a necessity for both rural and urban areas. Mobile technology has initially been a notable achievement in the world of technology.



Dealers now can sell their goods using mobile technology efficiently. With Mobile, users can transfer files and other files over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


Video conferencing is mobile technology. Business owners and customers now have the channel to communicate without a face-to-face meeting. With mobile technology, it is now easy to catch up on all kinds of entertainment from the comfort of your home.

It has also made it likely to quickly locate places in the world using GPS (Global Positioning System).

In the business world, in particular, the importance of mobile technology should not be underestimated.

Bankers rely solely on mobile technology to manage finances and stocks. Many companies use mobile technology to grow their profits by giving customers the ability to sponsor their product through applications and websites. For example, the cinema can create a form to reserve tickets. The evolution of mobile technology has made our lives easier, saving us time and resources.



The diversity of mobile technology is based on the fact that many mobile operating systems are available for smartphones, each with its properties. Some of these operating systems are Android, Blackberry, Webos, iOS, Symbian Windows and Bada Mobile. Some of them are briefly explained: Android is an operating system developed by Google.

142125Android is the first and only open font working system.

That means it can be transferred to any cell phone.

Blackberry is an operating system developed by Blackberry Limited.

The operating system designed primarily for Blackberry smartphones.

This system is more specialized in multitasking and also supports the use of some specific inputs to support some of your smartphones, such as trackwheel, trackball, trackball, trackpad and touch screen

The IOS is a mobile operating system manufactured developed by Apple. The system only works with Apple hardware such as iPhone, Ipad and iPod Touch.


Since 2008 the operating system has adapted its platforms so that the user can download any application they want to download, e.g., for example, B. the game application, utility applications, GPS and other tools.

Any user who knows to create a form and who also wants to create an app can do so legally. WebOS supports Internet programming languages, some of which are HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.


The internet is now furnished with a 4G network.

This network allows high-speed data transmission on channels and makes surfing the Internet more comfortable. In the future, smartphones will be aware of their surroundings, be able to take advantage of the availability of built-in physical sensors and the ease with which data can be exchanged. One way to achieve this trend is for cell phones to start tracking the user’s personal information.

Also, however, they can almost correctly predict the user’s intentions about what they want to use or the information that interests them. Get on. It does this by keeping the path of the user’s previous tasks. In the next generation of mobile technology, smartphones will come with an X-ray tool that will detect detailed information about the location the phone is pointing at that particular time.


With the future of mobile technology comes to a new device called the Omnitouch, a tool that allows the application to be used on the hand, arm, desk, wall, and any other smooth surface.

The device has a touch sensor interface through which the user can access functions at the touch of a finger.

Cell phones

Since the advent of mobile devices, it has helped people in many ways. Some of them are: Cell phones are essential in an emergency; they protect life in the event of accidents and other related problems. One of the critical uses of smartphones is to ensure security. Families can easily communicate with each other during their absence

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