Cybersecurity: How do you protect your data, and why is it so important?



What is data? The whole world is still talking about data and its security. Knowing that you have already heard a lot about cybersecurity, and today you can also hear a lot about company websites that have been hacked and their data leaked, leading to huge losses. Data too basically everything, whether you have your digital rights or memory storage or online security, such as cloud storage, it is about text files, emails, messages, images, videos, rights names, passwords . And other things.


Any useful information in any format that you digitally store anywhere can contain data that is important to you. Take your own example; Wonder what important data you store in these digital places, from important business information to personal email or photos, usernames and passwords for various websites. You will find a lot of private data that you sometimes accidentally store and forget on your digital devices. its security aspect.

Imagine a case where your device has been stolen, you have your data in some way, and now you have no

excellent but to be without sleep as well. What if your email password was stolen and that email account contained all of your business information? What if your Google Drive or password is stolen?

According to the SYMANTEC INTERNET SECURITY THREATS REPORT 2016, in 2015 431 MILLION DIFFERENT MALWARE were received (+ 36% more in 2014) and RANSOMWARE by 35% in 2015 “

This data theft threat is legally known as data theft. Aside from the previous case, there are other ways that your data can be compromised:


1. Loss of data due to an organization failure:

As you know, your computer or another digital device mustn’t always perform as expected. If it is also a malfunction or a malfunction that you cannot do when your data is gone. Heard what it is.

2. Corrupted data due to hard drive failure:

Sometimes your laptop doesn’t have enough internal memory to store your data. Hence, you may have bought an external hard drive and are carelessly storing it. But have you ever thought about what happens if the hard drive fails, be it internal or external?


3. Loss of data due to behaviour deletion or overwriting:

Human errors are like natural disasters. And the feeling is so terrible that it cannot be seen in words; Believe me when I say this from my own experience.

4. Computer virus corruption of data:

You may not be aware of the disasters computer viruses can cause while using digital devices. Perhaps if you weren’t concerned about data corruption due to infection, the losses might have already happened.


5. Data hacked for unauthorized rights:

This is the same thing I heard. If your passwords are stolen or broken by a stranger or someone else, your data will simply be hacked.

6. Destroyed in natural disasters:

This is an infrequent incidence, but a major natural disaster can ruin all of your devices. Cloud storage can be useful in such cases. By now, you must understand the importance of data security.

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