What happened to Brandon Hatmaker, Jen Hatmaker’s ex-husband? Where is he now?

Brandon Hatmaker, the co-founder of Austin New Church and Legacy Collective, is the husband of Jen Hatmaker, the author of several bestselling books.

What happened to Brandon Hatter?

Brandon Hatmaker is the husband of Jen Hatmaker. The couple married in 1993 and have five children together. They also founded the Austin New Church in Austin, Texas, along with the Legacy Collective, a community foundation that aims, among other things, to find sustainable housing, prevent child trafficking, and provide health care.

The couple separated in August 2020 after several years of marriage. Just ten weeks before the split was announced, Jen had also posted a cute post celebrating her marriage from her to Brandon and the days they spent together.

Did Brandon Hatmaker cheat on Jen Hatmaker?

A breakup between a couple often leads to speculation as to whether one of the spouses of Ella cheated on her. The same rumors circulated after Jen announced that she was breaking up with her husband by Ella Brandon Hatmaker. Brandon did not comment on the divorce. The only announcement comes from Jen’s Instagram post from her, in which he wrote a long note for her follower from her.

Jen announced the breakup via her Instagram post. In the long text, Jen adds that she is “shocked, heartbroken and heartbroken”. She did not reveal the reason or details of the divorce and implored her followers to remember her in their prayers. He also urged the “intruder who indulges in someone else’s pain” to avoid “cruelty”.

Jen’s supporters flocked to support the Christian speaker and author. The post contained several lengthy comments designed to strengthen Jen and her family during these times. Brandon Hatmaker and Jen Hatmaker’s Instagram accounts have shown no sign of their divorce proceedings. The two have kept their private lives away from the social hotspot and have gone their own way.

Three days ago, Brandon took to Instagram and broke his silence about his personal life and Jen’s divorce. In the long Instagram post of him, he urged people to stop bothering him, compensate him for malicious messages, send and snoop into his life of him, or search for the details of the divorce. He closed the post on him by adding that he has some good things ahead that he will be making announcements about soon.

In 2015, the couple and their children appeared on Your Big Family Renovation, which aired on HGTV. The hatter’s family worked on repairing and renovating houses. Previously, the Hatmaker family was featured on My Big Family Renovation, which documented how the Hatmaker family started their home from scratch. Jen is also the author of bestsellers such as For the Love, Of Mess, and Moxie. His latest book is Feroz, Free and Full of Fire.

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