Ratchasi Movie Download HD for Free in Tamil (2019)


Ratchasi Movie Download HD for Free in Tamil

The Indo-Tamil movie in particular “Raatchasi”  a South Indian movie that shot in 2019 in different languages. It  written and controversial by Mr. Syed Gowthamraj and  review by S.R. Prakashbabu and SR Prabhu Dream Warrior Pictures are his posters for the film’s production. Jyothika’s stellar film about a proper person who, through his leadership and qualifications of him, makes his mismanaged school one of the best in the state.

Geeta Rani became the principal position to belong to the state when she  link to the faulty affiliated schools. When Geeta heard from Rani in the village, people found out about the illness from the school, so she had a positive influence on hearing from the school. She makes some friends and many enemies. The final part of the film decided how Geeta Rani tries to improve the condition of the school and make it one of the best schools in the state.

Details of Ratchasi Movie – (Star Cast and More)

Director: Sy Gowthamraj

Writer: Bharathi Thambi

Producer: SR Prabhu

Production company: Dream Warrior Pictures

Music Director: Sean Roldan

Stars: Jyotika, Hareesh Peradi, Poornima Jayaram |

Country: India

Language: Tamil

Rating: 2.5*

Running time: 136 minutes

Original Release Date: July 5, 2019 (India)

Download Movie Ratchasi (2019)

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More about Ratchasi Movie (2021)

Geeta Rani (Jyothika) enters a totally lawless government school in a remote location in southern Tamil Nadu. As the new headmistress, she discovers that students and teachers are disciplined and come to school to pass the time. Authorities are less concerned, teachers lack basic knowledge of their subjects (the English teacher cannot even speak English), and nearby private schools are trying to alienate students. Geeta does everything possible to enforce discipline and change the way the school is run. For the same reason, she deserves the wrath of teachers and rivals whom she calls Raatchasi (demon).

The cunning Rama Lingam (Hareesh Peradi) who runs a private school is determined to get her out of the school with the help of a local MLA and some disgruntled staff. And soon Geeta gets into trouble with the district administration when he tries to change the outdated education system. The property is as old as the hills – a one-woman army that takes over the administration and has interest.


Whether or not he successfully accomplishes his mission will determine the rest of the story of this predictable film. Ratchasi is just another film from a debutant director who is in awe of his heroine’s superstar status and goes overboard on it. In almost every frame of the 134-minute film, Jyothika towers over others and is given powerful dialogues, punchlines, and slo-mo shots like a mass hero. In fact, there is even an action scene unbecoming of a headmistress but justified by a back story, which itself is an image-building exercise.

Jyothika in the lead role shines when the movie is hers. No other character in the film behind belongs to such a strong demeanor as Geeta Rani. The scene where her father de Ella waits for her and she lost her feelings de Ella and retired to work after a day of vacation is moving and heartbreaking.

Raatchasi’s concerns of concern plaguing the education system and a one-woman army as a solution to the north. It lacks a solid truth, but thanks to Jyothika’s onscreen presence, it’s fun.


I would say it’s fifty-five to see by consensus. But to be precise, it depends from person to person if you are more of the type who likes films based on true stories, although this film is not close to a true story but is somewhat inspiring I would say that it is a must. Watch movies. . You will see it but if you are looking for a typical South Indian action or romance film this may not be the job for you. This movie, Ratchasi, basically screams a social message. I would say that this film love by all parents and all teachers in the Indian education system and that they end up taking inspiration and doing something great for their institution or for their children.

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