BTS V shares ‘V-cut’ from Proof’s conception photoshoot, sends ARMYs into a mania – PICS

BTS V member V took to his Instagram account to share behind the scene footage from their conception photoshoot for PROOF. He announces a group of pictures with totally different poses in every. These new pics caused a mania among their followers, ARMY.

BTS V V shares ‘V-cut’ from Proof’s conception photoshoot, sends ARMYs into a mania – PICS

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V announce new photos on his Instagram account

It shares covert from PROOF’s photoshoot

ARMY referred to as him ‘King of Duality.’

BTS V member V aka Kim Taehyung, took to his Instagram account to share some behind the scene footage from their conception photoshoot for PROOF.

He shared photos from each version of conception shoots on his Instagram account. He announced the pics and labelled Kim Hee Gregorian calendar month for credits. He looked severe in AN all-black outfit with a dark background.


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Other pics are from the Door version of PROOF’s conception shoot. He announces each monochrome and color photo. His contrastive image in these pics is visible. ARMY on Twitter aforementioned that the king of duality was back.

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In a matter of seconds, he announced different photos that showcased his duality, inflicting mania among the fans. “That is Kim Taehyung for you guys. His appearance is therefore soft in those pics and in others to be killing together with his eyes!!” A member of ARMY on Twitter commented on Taehyung’s post.

The K-Pop sensation BTS V born their compendium album, PROOF, on Gregorian calendar month ten. However, a music video for the title track to return (The Most stunning Moment) was conjointly free. In time the album skint several records and is anticipated to achieve different numbers within the returning days.

Meanwhile, BTS V declared throughout their FESTA night meal that they will take a step back from emotional cluster content for a short time. They’re not on a hiatus except for a while, and the main focus will be on emotional solo content, which means no new music or concert from BTS V for a short time. The solo can begin with member J-Hope whose album is ready to call in a period.

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BTS V was alleged to finish chapter one with a bang while passed. Here’s what R.M. needs to say

BTS V was alleged to finish ‘chapter one with a bang while ago; here’s what R.M. needs to say

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BTS V V reveals he does not uses filters on pictures: ‘If I did, that wouldn’t be M.E. anymore.’

BTS V member V mentioned during a recent interview that he does not use filters on his footage, as a piece of writing them would mean it is not him any longer.

BTS V: V aforementioned, he does not use filters on his footage.

More About BTS V

BTS V member V’s footage is flooded with comments from ARMY as before long as he shares them on his Instagram accounts. The K-pop star is currently unconcealed that almost all of the photographs are from his recent phone camera and does not wish to use filters on them. V aforementioned that piece of writing his footage would mean that he’s no longer himself. Conjointly Read| BTS V Jungkook and Charlie Puth make sure collab; tease part of their song Left and Right in a new video. Watch

Kim Taehyung noted that the sole edit he performs on his footage is adjusting the color if he needs a monochromatic look. He is conjointly aforementioned that he does not place much thought into the photographs he posts on his account.

In a recent interview with Reverse magazine, V was asked whether or not he edits his selfies and alternative footage with filters, and he replied, “Filters? I don’t use filters. It’s simply an everyday recent camera on a Galaxy—a Samsung phone. (laughs) and that I don’t edit them, either. as a result, if I did, they wouldn’t be M.E. any longer. I tend to go away with the photos even as they’re with AN unpolished feel. I do alter the color, though. once I need to form them black and white. That’s the one and solely issue I exploit.”

He another concerning his Instagram feed, “I don’t very place an excessive amount of thought into it. I keep ending the gap in the camera and taking footage whenever there’s a pleasant scene or one thing I will create look sensible. I love having my picture taken and taking photos also.”


ARMY reacted to V’s comments by expressing that he should not use filters. One wrote, “He is therefore stunning and beautiful naturally no use of filters in the slightest degree. I do not recognize why the editors of Hybe use such a large amount of filters to edit the photographs. There’s no want. they need no plan what proportion we tend to love his blank skin even with no makeup in the slightest degree.” Another commented, “He’s conjointly the sort of one that does not care what his Insta feed can appear as if as long as he is happy posting concerning it.”

V and his fellow bandmates RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, and Jungkook recently free their new album Proof and conjointly marked the ninth day of remembrance of the band’s debut. The K-pop stars have mentioned that they will be focusing more on their careers within the returning days.

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